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Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas 

"Ripples has demonstrated that small droplets of hope can ignite a fire in the hearts of our children. Our children have been inspired, rejuvenated, and motivated to dream again! Thanks for believing in our children!"
– Principal, RN Gomez School

Physical Service 

PARTNERSHIP: R.N. Gomez All Age School

MARCH 2018:
Environment Awareness - Cleaned the school yard, removing trash and debris.  Picked up trash along the road areas surrounding the school.  

MARCH 2017: Environment Awareness - Cleaned the school yard, removing trash and debris.  Picked up trash along the road areas surrounding the school.  

MARCH 2016: School Beautification and Environmental Awareness - Painted murals and words of inspiration throughout the RN Gomez complex.  Primary grades made posters to promote keeping the island free from trash.

MARCH 2015: School Community Garden – Cleared garden beds, cleared brush at rear of school, planted shrubs and flowers.  

MARCH 2014: School Community Garden – Cleared garden beds, hauled in new dirt, planted shrubs and flowers.  

March 2013School Community Garden – Cleared new area to add new planter beds, hauled in new dirt, planted shrubs and flowers.  Added a new planter bed for the Kindgergarten and 1st grade classes to grow vegetables.

September 2012: Expand School Community Garden - Students and Faculty kicked off the Fall planting season by installing irrigation system, adding 6 more planter beds, planting seeds and starter plants, piloting 2 hydroponic growing towers. Workshop presentations about hydroponic farming, sustainable gardening and the importance of agricultural science led by Dr. Selima and Tim Hauber of Nassau.

March 2012
: School Community Garden – Cleared lot, built new planter beds, installed new vertical garden system, hauled in new dirt, planted trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs and vegetables.

Human Service

PARTNERSHIP: R.N. Gomez All Age School

March 2013:

Arts and Crafts - Painted hopscotch for the Kindergarten play area, read books about gardening to primary school classroom, stenciled vegetable theme tshirts, made carrot cake cupcakes

Community Celebration Fundraiser - Hosted island wide celebration at the Beach Club for local residents to raise funds to support the school garden, composting program and RO Water system, Junior Achievers and the Agriculture class at the school worked with Ripples of Hope and Great Harbour Cay residents to make this an amazing success raising at total of $8,000 that evening.   Donations have continued and we have now raised a total of $14,000 towards our goal of $20,000.  

September 2012: 

Arts and Crafts - Painted new plant signs, tie-dye shirts, carrot cake cupcakes, recipe cards

Community Celebration - Welcomed the community for Garden Open House, hosted gardening workshop for local residents, Junior Achievers sponsored fundraiser to raise money to support the garden

March 2012:

Arts and Crafts – Painted garden theme mural "Watch Us Grow", tie-dye shirts, design and painted new plant signs, painted custom hopscotch board.

School Celebration – Picnic for students with field games - burlap sack races and spoon/egg carry.

Shortly after the Ripples Service project the newly landscaped garden was officially renamed "Garden of Peace"


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