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R.N. Gomez School Healthy Lifestyles Program:

Ripples of Hope has joined the R.N. Gomez School, local community leaders and residents of Great Harbour Cay to develop a self-sustaining model for School's Healthy Lifestyles Program.  We're excited to expand the Agri-Science Garden Initiative to include healthly lifestyle habits such as drinking clean water daily, maintaining a healthy diet with fresh produce and regular physical fitness. The students and teachers of the Gomez School participated in the 1st Annual Fun Run/Walk and Island Cleanup this March, the event culminated with the 2nd Annual - Island wide Fundraiser which raised just over $8,000 to support the Healthy Lifestyles Program.

We continue to work towards building sustainable capacity in the RN Gomez School garden.  Funds raised will be untilized to provide ongoing Agri-Science education and field trips, maintenance of the RO water filtration system and nutrition and physical fitness programming. We are pleased to see that the students are using water bottles during school which are filled daily utilizing fresh drinking water from the RO system.

To Help Sustain this Program, HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP:

  1. SUPPORT THE ONGOING GARDEN EDUCATION – HELP FUND the R. N. Gomez School Community Garden Project that employs a local agricultural teacher, and develops productive skills in our children; the daily nurturing and growing of vegetables and fruits, and the understanding of a healthy diet and way of life.
  2. COMPOST WITH US – The composting program teaches recycling, and how to make a valuable product from what Knowles Sanitation now carries to the dump. Participate in the school composting program by dropping off your weekly composting waste at the school. Counter top buckets and recyclable plastic bags with instructions are available for your convenience.

CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible Donation.

Ripples of Hope is funded by generous donations from individuals. All funds are raised privately to support the ongoing work within designated communities. We welcome any contributions!
Harvesting Seeds of Hope
Help us sustain the garden at Pine Street Inn - Green Street in Jamaica Plain. Find out more about this initative.
R.N. Gomez School Healthy Lifestyles Program
Sponsor the R.N. Gomez School garden project and provide clean drinking water for all students on the island of Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas. Find out more about this initative.
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