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Ripples is more than a community build, it is a reflection, emotion, connection, and deep understanding of cultures and traditions. Families discover new dimensions of themselves and the world around them. Through friendships with the families in our partner community, we discover joy, unity, and the sense of what is possible when families link arms to fulfill the promise of community.

In June 2008, Ripples of Hope made its first service journey to New Orleans. Since that time Ripples of Hope has continued to build upon its philosophy of Philanthropy in Action by creating strong partnerships with non-profit agencies both in the United States and across the globe. Through these partnerships our families have completed over 2,300 hours of transformative service projects and impacted the lives of 2,000+ people through 12 non-profit agencies.

All service projects begin by doing an assessment of needs from within the communities we serve. Action is then led by leaders from that same community. In addition to developing strong local partnerships, the following characteristics can be found in:.

Provide Family Service Opportunities

Ripples of Hope allows families to serve together. Service projects aim to include all ages (some service journeys may have minimum age requirements) as they are hands-on, engaging and inspirational. Ultimately, these projects hope to plant a seed in families, which will establish a lifetime of service.

Empower Communities

Ripples partners with communities which are committed to making their neighborhoods better places to live. Together with our service partners, we assess community needs and determine projects based on their desires. This allows us to provide transformational service which results in community ownership. Our projects succeed when local leaders maintain the momentum of the project.

Promote Cross-Cultural Learning

Ripples projects promote cross-cultural learning and building bridges between participants from different backgrounds. Ripples families and community members share stories about their experiences. Ultimately, we believe that all of us are much more alike than we are different.

Develop Leaders

Ripples volunteers and local partners are identified to take on leadership roles throughout the course of a service journey. Prior to the journey, volunteers select specific projects to lead; they learn the details of the project and acquire leadership skills. Our younger volunteers are also encouraged to take on leadership roles. We believe that empowering all young people is important in order to instill in them a sense that they can make a difference and continue such work in the future.

Inspire Families to Take Action

A Ripples journey does not end upon completion of a project. Ripples families are encouraged to maintain relationships with our partner communities. Many Ripples volunteers return to service sites to provide direct support; others choose to support the communities through fundraising efforts or donations.

Ripples of Hope is funded by generous donations from individuals. All funds are raised privately to support the ongoing work within designated communities. We welcome any contributions!
Harvesting Seeds of Hope
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R.N. Gomez School Healthy Lifestyles Program
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